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Cat Lover

You know your cats’ cute habits, their distinct personalities and their likes and dislikes for food, play and affection. But could you say whether your cats are right-pawed

Sphynx Cat Rescue

Marvin the Martian, a Sphynx cat owned by for a photos at he Houston Cat Club’s 63rd Annual Charity Cat Show at Humble Civic Center on Saturday, Jan.

Selkirk Rex Cat

The thick, curly hair of one particular female kitten attracted the attention of Persian cat breeder Jeri Newman, who adopted the feline and named her “Miss DePesto.” The

Cat Products

The trouble started when Grenade Beverage was considered to have gone beyond the terms of the deal by using Grumpy Cat’s likeness on some of its other coffee

Cat Finder

A Florida couple is facing charges of animal cruelty after airport security found a cat in their luggage moments before they were set to take off on a

Kitten Breeds

I checked online, but there are no explanations for this trait. A While there is no cat breed that has a ridge along its spine as a breed

Himalayan Persian Cat

An elusive thick-furred feline has been caught on camera for the first time in the Himalayan The cat is a primitive species that has evolved little in the

Seal Point Ragdoll

But for now, it seems no amount of crinkle-coated appeal will shake the dominance of the Ragdoll. The notoriously soft and toy-like moggies have taken a vice-like grip

Cat Profile

“I felt that it was about to happen, basically,” Phillips told the Montana campus newspaper’s Jackson Wagner in a profile story posted Oct. 10. “I was falling forward

Feline Cat

The 4-year-old domestic short-hair cat named Pixie belongs to Jesse Dorsett, who also owns two other cats named Dixie and Mr. Jinx. Dorsett says his cats have been